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Friday, May 20, 2011


Jim Miller, bless his ever-lovin’ heart, was one of the kindest, most talented Western writers of his day.  Spent many an hour with him and listening to him talk was like reading one of his books – he wrote in a “friendly” style, kind of like hearing him tell stories around a campfire. 

Jim (his real first name, but had a different last name) also autographed his books in ways that I’d never seen anyone do it – with wise ol’ cowboy sayin’s and philosophies.

I have no idea where Jim is today, or even if he is still writing (even under another name), but I do know he had a bad experience or two with publishers and may have stopped writing altogether.  Not Fawcett Gold Medal, publishers of his “Long Guns” and “Colt Revolver” series, but a different company. 

Fawcett Gold Medal really went all out on the book covers and gave them some of the best artwork I’ve ever seen.  The editor there at the time, I believe, was Louisa Rudeen and she was very instrumental in the packaging of these books.  She went all out for them.  Jim even dedicated one of his books to George Bush (the artist, not the future presidents) in appreciation for the art on the covers.  Eye-catching indeed.

Miss talking to Jim and hope we get to link up again someday. 

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