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Saturday, June 11, 2011


This series was popular with the soldiers with whom I served in the 1st Battalion, 15th Infantry in Kitzingen, Germany.  I saw this book passed around several times in the barracks, but wanted a copy for my own collection, so I scooted on over to the Stars and Stripes bookstore and bought one for myself.  Good thing, too, because the GUNN books would become a favorite for me. 

Author Jory Sherman lived in my home state of Missouri, in Branson, specifically, as I would later discover.  I contacted him and we became friends.  It was Jory who got me involved in the Western Writers of America and invited me down to Branson for the 1984 convention. 

GUNN lasted 29 books before riding off into the sunset.  The first few books all had Western-type titles to them but somewhere along the line, to play up the “Adult Western” angle, Zebra Books started re-titling Jory’s novels.  SWEET TEXAS TART and TWO EASY PIECES were just some of the play-on-words titles they came up with.  Jory’s storylines and writing were deserving of better treatment, but the book people figured that sexed-up titles would help ‘em sell. 

Grab them if you find them laying around somewhere.  On the rare occasions that I see them while out and about, I snatch them up even though I have all the books already.  Don’t mind having extras.

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