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Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Funny story about Earl Murray.

San Antonio, Texas – Western Writers of America Convention, June, 1985.  Earl, Dale Walker, my wife Karen and I were strolling along the cool, breezy Riverwalk looking for a place to have lunch. 

I don’t exactly remember the name of the place we stopped to eat, but when we inspected the menu, we came across something called the “Todo El Mundo Burger”.  Near as I can recall, this was a chili hamburger of some sort.  Dale and I were intrigued by this, but it was Dale who kind of subliminally suggested to Earl to try the burger out.  Earl picked up on the subtlety of it and ordered the burger.  The rest of us ordered something else but kept a keen eye on Earl as he chowed down on the Todo El Mundo Burger. 

It’s hard to tell what was funnier – the fact that Earl actually ate the burger or that Dale “snookered” (Dale’s own phrasing here) Earl into ordering it in the first place.  From that day on out, whenever we saw Earl here and there, we called him “Todo El Mundo”.  He smiled and took it all in good fun. 

Just recently learned that Earl left us way too early in 2003.  His sense of humor and fun is quite an epitaph.

As an aside, Karen and I had been eating fine cuisine quite a bit in San Antone, but when we found a McDonald’s proportionally close to the Alamo grounds, we high fived and said “Yay! Home cookin’!”.  It later occurred to me, while scarfing a Big Mac there, that if this same McDonald’s had been there in 1836, perhaps Sam Houston would have been able to get reinforcements to the Alamo while Santa Ana’s men were busy ordering Happy Meals.  Hmmm….

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