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Sunday, June 5, 2011


SONG OF THE CHEYENNE won the "Best Book" award from the Missouri Writer's Guild in April of 1988.  I know this because I was there to watch Jory accept the award at St. Louis University that day.  Actually, he knew beforehand about it but actually received the award itself on April 30th of '88. 

This date is seared in my brain because Jory turns around and gives me the very copy of SONG OF THE CHEYENNE that the panel of judges passed between themselves to read and vote on.  It also helped that he wrote the date in the book before he handed it to me.  Jory's just that kind of guy.

I've said before that Jory writes very well from the perspective of the American Indian and SONG OF THE CHEYENNE is his masterpiece.  It sits on my the same shelf as my Will Henry and Robert J. Conley books do. 

I didn't discover the 3 X 5 card, which you see scanned here as well, until some time later when I began the book.  It seems to have been used as a bookmark by one of the judges.  I've kept these two things together ever since.

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