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Tuesday, June 7, 2011


THE RATTLESNAKE SEASON is the inaugural novel in a new series by Larry D. Sweazy, featuring Texas Ranger, Josiah Wolfe.

What grabbed me about this one right away?  First, I love any story featuring Texas Rangers.  Secondly, my friend Loren D. Estleman provides a cover blurb here and Loren's recommendations are ALWAYS good enough for me.  Finally, check out that cover art.  It really caught my attention as I was browsing through the Western section at the Wal-Mart in Gravois Bluffs in Fenton, Missouri, not far from where I live.  Berkely has done its usual good job of great cover art.  I'm holding out hope that this, in part, helps to sell the books.

As I was reading this one last year, I recall thinking that the torch really has been passed.  Ask any Western writer today who his or her inspirations were and they are likely to rattle off a list of old-timers who shaped the printed Western novel at its inception to inspire a generation of writers who, in turn, are our leading authors today. 

If THE RATTLESNAKE SEASON is any indication, the torch is in capable hands at present and I'm curious to see whom our Writers today will influence tomorrow and what we'll be seeing from the future crop.  I trust all will flourish.


  1. Thanks, Mike, for your humbling commentary. I'm thrilled with the cover art, by the way, for the whole series. Book 4, THE COUGAR'S PREY, comes out in October, and I just saw the cover recently, and once again, it's amazing.

  2. Great cover art, the best on a western during the last couple of years. Well, the "Texas Stanoff" cover of Elmer Kelton's last book wasn't bad either. I liked both novels, both about Texas Rangers. Highly recommended!